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Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Are you stupid, this isn't what I ordered!"

It is inevitable employees everywhere, will at some time, screw something up. Sometimes these mistakes lead to over crisped fries, a wet blouse, a dangerous chemical leak, or even nuclear war. As we can see, not all mistakes are created equal. Some will cause an inconvenience, while others will cause the end to the Reign of Man. Let the scales of consequence be the judge...

Clearly the anger and frustration one feels when someone messes up his order should not be equal to the amount of anger and frustration one feels when some jackass "accidentally" causes a nuclear war. At least you would think...

Here is the story:

I was working the day shift at a lovely little diner known as Waffle House. In case you aren't familiar with with the restaurant I'm speaking of, let me explain. It is a cheap chain diner that can usually be found throughout the South/Southeast portion of the United states. They have amazing hash browns, cheap steaks, and nearly all have roach problems. The floors are almost always torn up and dirty, and the grill is located in front of the to go bar so customers can watch as their pill popping grill cook makes their food. In other words, you should not enter a Waffle House and expect 4-star dining.

I was sitting at the low counter, enjoying a cigarette and a hot cup a coffee when I first saw the car pulling into the parking lot. As I usually did, I prayed to myself that he was only using our parking lot to cut onto the on ramp. My heart sank a little when I saw him park. He came in, sat down, and picked up the menu.

I put his order in, made his drink and went and sat back down. After about 5 minutes his CHOP STEAK was ready, so I valiantly took it from the grill cook and placed it in front of my beaming, salivating customer.

The conversation that ensued went something like this:

Angry Customer: Are you stupid, this isn't what I ordered!
JaggedEdge: Yes it is.
Angry Customer: No it isn't, this isn't a steak!
JaggedEdge: I know, that's because you didn't order a steak, you ordered a chop steak, which is what I placed in front of you.
Angry Customer: Well how the hell was I supposed to know that?
JaggedEdge: By looking at the picture of the chop steak on the menu in front of you.

I than proceeded to point to the picture which was placed on the menu for his convenience, and strategically placed directly next to the words "Chop Steak Dinner." If you look at the picture, you will see the chop steak on the bottom right side of the plate. If you are looking at the hamburger patty with a bunch of onions on top, you are looking at the right thing.

After this little encounter, which he caused, he only seemed to get angrier. I was more than happy to take his money for a meal the idiot never touched and watch as he peeled out the parking lot.

The moral of the story is this, if you are going to go out and eat, know and remember what the hell you ordered. There are few things worse than having to argue with some undereducated and narcissistic asshole about what he ordered, while knowing the whole time I'm right.

Needless to say, he stiffed me on the tip.

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