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Thursday, June 28, 2007

No more feminist narratives, please.

I'm to the point in my college career where I'm about to take nothing other than male literature teachers. If I have one more semester full of feminist literature, which so many professors, particularly liberal women, feel the need to shove down my throat, I may riot.

At this point, certain professors are actually ruining feminist literature and non-feminist literature alike. I get it, you as a college professor hate men and think women are treated unfairly. Get over it and add some diversity to your teaching agenda! There is a serious problem when we have to read a story from our literature text and receive an hour lecture on the feminist aspects of the text. Focus on something else you sexually frustrated hag!

My professors don't even need to choose a literary tale classified as a feminist writing, they could have us read Charlotte's Web and lecture for an hour about how the spider was a sexist asshole.

Some readers may think I'm over stating this, but I'm not. One professor I took for a World Literature class, felt the need to dedicate at least half of every lecture, to the feminist aspect of every story we read. Get over it!

I don't think many people are paying $2,000 or more a semester, to have the same crap rammed down their throat over and over again.

1 comment:

R said...

Actually I think Charlotte's Web is very appropriate for a feminist reading... The female spider with all the talent hiding up above, while the clueless male pig down below basks in the glory and attention brought by her hard work. There's also something in there about men's control of language to oppress women - Charlotte can write in her web, but she can't choose what to write, she can only use a word if it is brought to her by a greedy, selfish and, of course, male rat.