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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris, best actor ever?

Well, I couldn't handle much of the Paris Hilton interview. After the first five minutes I figured it would be best to wait for the internet and news clips. Occasionally I would flip back and happened to catch something rather interesting.

Paris is such a bad actor, she can't even show believable emotion during an interview. At one point she read some letters she wrote behind bars, which I suspect were written by one her people, or at the least edited. She read a letter about her fellow cell mates and couldn't even look at the camera. It was honestly the worst acting I have ever seen and don't understand how anyone can take that for sincerity.

She also referred to her stay in jail as traumatic... I believe many things can be considered traumatic: rape, incest, molestation, being a victim of any violent crime, being made fun of in school, etc. I could continue, but would rather not depress you to much. I have never heard anyone consider a 23 day stay in jail (without prison rape) traumatic. The few minutes I watched, it felt like a feel sorry for me sob story.

Now with that said, will the media ever ignore her? They are the only reason she is a celebrity. Would anyone else like to see much less of this pompous bitch?

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