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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why your employees hate you and their job.

A lot of small business owners, as well as store managers are constantly faced with one question: why is our turn-over rate so high? The simple answer would be; you are rude, greedy, inconsiderate, and are incapable of ordering what you need for the next truck. If you want to keep employees for extended periods of time and don't want to have to train new associates every week, treat them with at least a little respect and learn how to run a company.

I went in to work today (the restaurant shall remain nameless considering I'm still employed there) and noticed we were two employee's short in my position. Considering it's a Saturday, and is expected to be busy I figured a couple called in sick. When I went to look at the schedule I noticed only the four of us were scheduled, which seemed very odd to me. I than suddenly realized it was the last of the month and knew exactly why we were short handed. The managers wanted their bonuses.

The way our company is ran, management is given a profit margin they are supposed to meet, if they meet the requirements they all get a monthly bonus. So, because they wanted a bonus, we were short staffed. Very nice of them, I know.

Now, here is my main problem with this whole situation. I understand wanting to receive the bonus, if I were in their position I would want the extra cash too. However, I wouldn't wait till the last day of the month to make sure I get it and wouldn't screw my employee's over either. It isn't because I'm a nice guy, it is because I would want my employee's to be as happy has possible. Happy employee's make for happy customers, happy customers make for more money, which in turn, makes management happier. Not to mention, angry employee's steal from you more than someone who is happy with their job. I don't support stealing, but it's never-the-less true.

Instead, half their staff hates the their jobs and are looking for new places to work and, inevitably, hate. I plan on seeing if I can't find something Monday and may take the day off tomorrow. The way I see it, I'm doing them a favor. They want to save as much money as possible, so I am considering calling out and giving them what they want...

On top of all that, the light in the mens bathroom was burned out and their were no more light bulbs, despite the fact the truck arrived two days ago. I couldn't even enjoy my morning shit.

So, in summation, if you are a manager of any business, in particular, a business which hires students and high school graduates like a restaurant, don't treat your employee's like shit. Unless of course you enjoy spending the extra money constantly training new employees.

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