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Sunday, July 1, 2007

LET ME IN!!!!!

The restaurant that I work at is in a small town in Southeastern Louisiana, called French Settlement. In my grandmother’s day, people from other towns considered French Settlement as the inbreeding capital of the state, and I don’t think that they were wrong in this assumption.

My place of business opens at five o’clock in the afternoon. We usually have people waiting patiently outside for us to open. Sometimes they will peek through the windows, or pull once or twice on the front doors, but this was not the case Thursday night.

At about 4:45 the restaurant phone starts to ring. I answer it, and hear:
“Hey baby. Ya’ll got cold beer?’
I respond, “Yes sir.”
“Ya’ll got hot food?’
Again I respond, “Yes”.
“Well let me in!”

I then told him that we did not open for the next fifteen minutes. Then he got angry. He actually said, “You are really going to make my wait even though I am outside?” I told him that he had to wait because we were preparing for the evening, and would open very soon, and hung up.

I have never thought that I had the right to be admitted into any establishment that was either not yet opened, or closed. To be brutally honest, he is really luck I did not have to wait on him: his beer would have been at least room temperature, and his food cold. I really hate self-righteous people.

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