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Friday, July 6, 2007

11 year old drunk driver

An 11 y/o girl lead police on a 100 mph chase through Orange Beach, Alabama ending in a horrific crash. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I would like to see the parents on trial alongside their idiot child. I also better not hear anyone saying, "She's only 11, we all made stupid mistakes at that age."

First of all, most people don't steal a relatives car until 14 years of age and don't receive their first DUI until around 16. Obviously this girl is far ahead of the curve when it comes to delinquent minors and at this rate will commit an armed robbery by the time she is 13-14. Congratulations little girl, who's name has not been released, you will likely lead a wonderful fulfilling life in an Alabama trailer park. I have a feeling your inbreed parents are angrier you drank their beer as opposed to the fact you lead police on a 100 mph chase and didn't get away.

I can't stress this enough people, running from the cops is only a smart idea if you can actually get away...

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