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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ugly Hookers

I'm thinking of the old adage here, "you get what you pay for." That phrase holds true when you are buying electronics, investing in laser eye surgery, eating out, and cruising the street for a pleasure buddy. I understand the appeal of buying a cheap t.v., even though your sure it will break as soon as that wonderful six month warranty expires. However, I fail to see the logic in buying a cheap hooker, for several reasons.

1. Sex can be very dangerous, especially when used by the ignorant. It's obvious, or at least I hope it is, disease spreads easily through sexual intercourse, especially when the the people involved in the sexual deed are two stupid to wear a condom. Even with a condom, the chance of catching something goes up when you are buying sex from a crack whore in the trailer park.

While I'm on the subject, does anyone else support the government sterilizing anyone on welfare with more than one child? I know my state (Louisiana) gives free birth control to low income people, it doesn't look like many are taking advantage of it though. They also offer women the opportunity to get their tubes tied for free. They are on the right track, but I think it should be required rather than simply an option. No one wants their taxes to go toward some dumb bitch who can't keep her legs closed. It really pisses me off when I see these trashy people with 10 kids. If you can't afford children, at least make an effort to prevent having them.

2. There are several kinds of hookers: the upscale $1,000 an hour hooker, the mid-grade $200-300 hooker, and finally, the cheap $10 for a blow job hooker. This is the hooker this post is dedicated too.

Why, would anyone pay $10 for a blow job, in particular, from someone they can't possibly be attracted to? I watch cops a lot, and see the hideous atrocities they bust for prostitution. You couldn't pay me enough money to even kiss one.

For $10, why not just masturbate? It's much safer and you don't have to fight the natural gag reflex a person must feel when some of these women are doing what they do. On top of that, I'm sure your own hand feels much better than crooked, jagged teeth scratching across your member. The worst part of all this is the fact people actually pay these women for their service. If they weren't making enough money via their current profession to buy crack and heroin, they would change jobs. Maybe a fine life of thievery?

Let's face it, prostitution is reserved for the rich. They can afford nice, and generally clean prostitutes. If you can't afford something nice in this regard, why not just avoid it all together. If you take nothing else from this, remember, a cheap t.v. won't give you:
but a cheap hooker may.
Hell I'm about to vomit just think about all this.

On a more serious note, if you would like more information about STDs and STIs click here.
The best defense is informing your self with knowledge... and condoms.


Anonymous said...

The author states there are 3 price ranges for hookers. He claims the mid to low range leaps from 200USD minimum to 10USD. How ridiculous. There are plenty of hookers that charge the 50 to 100USD rate that aren't snaggle toothed.
Also, whats with the snarky reference to trailer homes? Is this guy stuck in the 1970's?
My point is he wrote about a topic he knows nothing about, and it is obvious.
He obviously has never paid for a hooker and is only writing from commonly held social beliefs that he assumes are true without having done any research.
~~R in Colorado

Anonymous said...

so, you must be some kinda hooker connoisseur then, right?

Anonymous said...

You state: 'especially when the the people involved in the sexual deed are two stupid to wear a condom.' Are you too stupid to know the difference between to, two, and too? And what is with the 'the the' part? Was that intentional? Mebbe use Paragraph Check next time. I do support your view on the sterilization issue.