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Monday, July 2, 2007

"K-Ville" Cops patrol post katrina streets of New Orleans

As a native New Orleans area resident, I was a bit annoyed when I first saw the trailer for this new Fox show. My being annoyed had nothing to do with the fact they are profiting off pain and suffering, I could care less. It's the fact, at least based on the trailer, they are making it uber dramatic and poorly done at that.

Let me explain some things about New Orleans. For the most part, things are running smoothly as of now. Most businesses are reopened, there are only a few blue roofs viewable through Google Earth, and the Saints are now happily playing in their dome and are looking at a Super Bowl title this upcoming season (As a Saints fan, I'm used to dreaming.)

How many seasons do they plan to create? A year after Katrina the drama died down. I mean are they planning on having 7 seasons all of which focus on the devastation and social problems caused by Katrina? Not to mention, what I got from the trailer is that the show begins two years after the storm. Can we leave Katrina alone at this point? When LSU played their bowl game, all they could talk about was Katrina. When the Saints played, all anyone could talk about was Katrina. Honestly, let it go people...

The worst insult of all. They are calling the show "K-Ville!" What the hell, that may be the worst name for a show since... I think they may actually be setting a president. Something I find humorous, "K-Town" is a nickname given to Kenner, a city located directly next to New Orleans, by the cool grade school kids. Not sure if this is a coincidence or if it is Fox's attempt at reaching the young viewers, but either way, the show title is horrible. They probably thought it was a cute title because Katrina starts with a "K." It sounds corny to me, but than again I grew up having to listen to how great K-Town is...

If you would like to see what Fox has to say about his show, click on the title of this post.

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