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Monday, July 9, 2007

Torture Device for Children

Why does nearly every doctors office have this toy? It may be the most annoying thing created since the demon child, Paris Hilton. Kids don't seem content to quietly move the wooden balls down the track, they must make as much noise as possible while doing it. On top of the noise being produced by the toy itself, this simple design seems to work many children into an instant state of hysteria.

Personally, I feel the doctors who use this torture device in their offices believe it will increase the number of patients they treat. I, for example, would never have discovered I suffer from migraines if it weren't for this toy being placed in nearly every doctor's office I've ever been in.

Why can't waiting rooms show a G rated film and provide coloring books and crayons for the kids? I believe waiting rooms should provide entertainment for children, but not at the risk of my health and sanity. What the hell is the point of having reading material for the adults if they can't even here themselves think? Granted, a lot of the problem falls to bad parenting, but don't help these kids serve their one purpose in life (annoying others) by providing them with obnoxious toys while others are trying to read. Children are best observed, not heard.

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