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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Deportation Weekly - Michael Moore

This weeks nominee for permanent relocation is Michael Moore. I must be honest, this decision was very easy to make. Moore is a man who has annoyed me from the moment I became interested in the news and current events.

As if Fahrenheit 9/11 wasn't bad enough, he felt the need to release yet another film (he's released five to many in my opinion.) This time he has the health care system in his cross hairs with Sicko. It isn't enough for him to point out the health care system has problems, he feels he is obligated to propose a plan to make it even worse. I'm seriously surprised so many people are supporting his bull shit solution.

This is a capitalistic society. Those with more money and better jobs, should get better health care. The only thing that will happen with Moore's solution, is that everyone will receive shitty medical treatment, not just the poor. Yup, that's a winning plan. It would be wonderful if every American citizen could receive equally great health care, but they can't. If you like Moore and his views you may be thinking I'm an asshole who doesn't care about the poor. Wrong, I'm just smarter than you and can see the huge problem with his plan.

I think our current system needs to be revamped, but we shouldn't adopt a socialistic view towards our health care system.

Part II

In high school, I was tricked into going to see Fahrenheit 9/11. Some friends and I were at the mall and decided to walk over to the theater to see what was playing. The three of them wanted to watch his film, Fahrenheit 9/11, I did not. Nonetheless, I decided to tag along because I figured I would at least find some humor in it.

...And I did.

I don't remember much about the film, but one part stands out in my mind. At one point some U.S. solders were talking about how they listen to music via the speakers in their tank. The songs they mentioned and the two they were listening to were Drowning Pool's "Bodies," and Coal Chambers "Sway." Here is the clip of the part I'm referring to:

Upon seeing this, some lady sitting in front of me let out a gasp, "That's so horrible."

No it's not, it's fucking war! What the hell is wrong with them getting pumped up to kill people. It's what they are paid to do. They are simply doing their fucking job and they don't have a choice what orders they follow. If you don't agree with the war great, I don't either, but don't try and portray our troops as monsters.


Because of his horrible films, the idiotic reaction it causes in stupid fucking American citizens, and his general lack of good hygiene, Michael Moore should be escorted across the boarder ASAP. Canada has the health care system he loves so much.


Wayne said...

Great post on what-is-his-name, but the cussing does not become you.

Jeremy said...

They're only words.

Velu said...

Well both of you are entitled to your views. But a difference of opinion is not a bad thing.


kender said...

dude you rock....blogmarked you....found you on blog soldiers.....absolutely great idea on deporting that fat piece of hypocritical crap

fieryred said...

THANK YOU for being sane. Most people think universal healthcare is a good idea, but it seriously is not. You are totally right, we are not canada, our country doesn't work that way.