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Friday, July 20, 2007

Mirapex: Odd Side Effects

I have always been fascinated by prescription drugs and their side effects. When I first saw the commercials for Alli, a weight loss pill that may cause anal leakage, I thought I would never find anything funnier. The exact term they used was, "oily spotting," and by my thought process insinuates anal leakage. Who would want a leaking ass in exchange for a few less pounds. You may look better, but no man wants a woman with skid marks in her underpants.

Than I saw a commercial for Mirapex, and everything changed. I found this in their faq regarding possible side effects:

There have been reports of patients taking certain medications to treat Parkinson’s disease or RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), including MIRAPEX, that have reported problems with gambling, compulsive eating, and increased sex drive. It is not possible to reliably estimate how often these behaviors occur to determine which factors may contribute to them. If you or your family members notice that you are developing unusual behaviors, talk to your doctor.
This is exactly what I want in a medication designed to keep my legs still while I sleep. It allows patients to get a good nights sleep before blowing their life savings at the craps table, may cause weight gain, or transform you into a nymphomaniac. The later may not be so bad depending on your take of sex and how often you are able to get it.

"I swear hon, the Mirapex made me do it. I was just so damn horny."


Dave Licence said...

haha - funny. I enjoy reading your posts - a great take on life.

By the way I tried a three column layout for a while, but reverted to two - it just allowed for too much extra stuff that detracted from what I really wanted the blog to be about. Maybe it will fit your format a bit better though.


Jeremy said...

Thanks Dave, I appreciate that.

As for the three column, I'm still unsure. I greatly appreciate the input.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, good 'ol Mirapex. I believe that destroyed my wife's first marriage. And when I caught her on the internet dating sites looking for lunchtime meetings / discretion is a must, I said something's wrong here. I researched this and got her off it.... Then I married her... I hope it wasn't my meds that made me do it :-)


ST said...

Get a life. The only reason I am on your page is through a search engine while trying to find information on a serious, REAL issue which is affecting my immediate family. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, perhaps you should think twice about making such jokes.